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Interactive Audience Network (I.A.N)

If feedback is the food drink of champions, then I.A.N is feedback on steroids. Welcome to I.A.N, the future of audience interactivity The Interactive Audience Network (I.A.N) was created by, and for people who like to interact with content, and are passionate about giving and receiving feedback. It empowers speakers, live presenters and all content creators to be better connected with their audience and viewers. This app has the potential to completely change the way artistes and creators interact with their audience.



To inspire quality through audience/customer interaction and feedback


A world powered by the collective quality feedback of the people; because what people want, matters.

IAN Education

In the classroom of today, teachers teach, and student just sit and listen. But what if there was a way to keep students engaged while helping lecturers to know the true, anonymous status and feeling of their student group. How would that change the classroom vibe?


IANapp for Content Creators

How Ian works for Content Creators!


IAN Feedback app for Audience and Viewers

How I.A.N makes our experience as viewers and content watchers fun and engaging!


Commentary Analysis tool

Through this innovation, we have discovered that there is an untold story and value from video comments that are analyzed on a group level as opposed to an individual level. Individual comments are great to read but another great value added is that content creators (especially those with viral videos) have very little time to spend keeping up with comments. Now they don’t have to choose between ignoring their video comments and have time to do other things!