Our privacy policy helps explain our data practices including the information we process to provide our services. For example our privacy policy talks about what information we collect and hold this affects you. It also explains the steps we take to protect your privacy. This privacy policy applies to all of our services unless specified otherwise. Please also read IAN’s terms of service which describe the terms under which you use and we provide our services.

Information we collect

IAN must receive or collect some information to operate provide, improve, understand customise support and market our services including when you instal access or use our services we require certain information to deliver our services and without this we will not be able to provide our services to you. For example we must access aspects of features related to your phones audio and video in order to allow you interact with IAN’s audio and video presentations we do guarantee, however, that only the access needed to provide the minimum functionality, will be utilised. Whenever access or information will be collected IAN will first request permissions from you. If you choose not to provide the information needed to use a feature you will be unable to use that feature.

Information you provide

  • Your email address. In order to create an IAN account, basic information such as a verifiable email address is needed. If you don’t provide us with this information, you will not be able to create an account to use our services. The exception to this rule is audience members that receive an invite to alive setting.
  • Your Feedback. We do not sell, nor share any information related to individual feedback or response, to any person or company. Compiled data our feedback maybe shared with relevant companies; but will not be provided in a way that individual feedback can be deciphered.
  • Your videos. IAN Considers videos posted in a public forum to be open to analysis. However, IAN gives the option of making posted videos private, which will be treated as such.
  • Transactions and payments data. If you use our payments services, or other financial transactions come on we process additional information about you, including payment account and transaction information. these information are needed to complete the transaction.
  • Customer support and communications. When you contact us for customer support are otherwise communicate with us, you may provide us with information related to your use of our services, any other information you deem helpful, and how to contact you example an email address.
  • Cookies. We use cookies to operate and provide our services including to improve your experiences, understand the how our services are being used, and customise them. For example, we may use cookies to remember your choices in order to make log in and certain preferences easier for you.

Things you should know

  • IAN videos and privacy. Videos made public on this app, may be used for advertising purposes , but only using compiled data as mentioned before. users should not post videos off themselves that they do not wish others to see, or of other persons if we do not have that permission. Please note that videos posted that are considered offensive or that our reported as being uploaded without permission are liable for instant deletion.
  • Third party services. We allow you to use our services in connection with third party services. this includes storage off data and other services . Please note that when you use third party services their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of those services and products
  • Safety, security, and integrity. Safety, security, and integrity are an integral part of our services we use information we have to verify accounts and activity, combat harmful conduct, promote safety, security and integrity off our services
  • Communications about our services. We use information we have about you [your e-mail address ] to communicate with you about our services and to let you know about our terms, policies, and other important updates we also may provide you marketing for our services; but none of these will be frequent.
  • Storage of information. We store information for as long as necessary for the purposes identified in this privacy policy including to provide our services or for other legitimate purposes. The storage periods are determined on a case by case basis that depends on factors like the nature of information.
  • Law, our rights, And protection. we access, preserve, and share your information if we have belief that it is necessary to a) respond to applicable law or regulations, legal process our government request b) enforce our terms and any other applicable terms and policies, including investigations of potential violations , c) investigate, prevent or address fraud or any other illegal activity d) protect the rights property and safety of our users.
  • Updates to our policy. We may amend or update our privacy policy. We will provide you notice of amendments to this privacy policy, as appropriate, and update the last modified date at the top of this privacy policy. Please review our privacy policy from time to time.
  • Contact us. If you have questions or issues about our privacy policy, please contact us.